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Dust collectors

Different characteristics and types defined in accordance to each specific use   

Dust collectors

These filters are used for depulverisation of air coming from pneumatic conveyance lines. They can be installed on storage and daily silos, centrifugal dust separators, containers, etc. They are built of carbon steel or stainless steel and equipped with a pulse-jet cleaning system with countercurrent air. Sizes are determined by the requested filtering surface and type of filtering method, such as sleeves, cartridges or pockets of various sizes and fabrics. General exhaust filters are used with one or more machines and exhausted products can be reclaimed in containers for disposal or re-introduced into production cycles.
From 2 to 8 cartridges, from 600 to 3000 m3/h, filtering surface from 12 to 160 m2
Available with filtering sleeves or cartridges