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Mixer unloading channels

Last but not least element for a correct and quick discharge into the mixer: imitated by many but still unmatched 

Mixer unloading channels

These channels are made of neoprene coated fabric and are used to unload products from weighing or waiting hoppers directly into mixers. If requested, they also come with manual or automatic deviators to unload either into a mixer or off-line. We also design and manufacture a connection to join the unloading channel to the mixer intake. A smoke seal valve is always mounted on this unloading channel joint to avoid air flow that could negatively affect product weighing during mixing cycle. A breather hose is also installed to improve hopper loading/unloading without polluting the environment.
All types of materials for rubber and chemical industries (carbon black, silica, etc.)
Available in AISI 304 stainless steel