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When dealing with rubber industry as well as with plastics manufacturers or processors, we supply perfect components of highest quality.

Rotary distributor

Simple mechanical solution used for powder loading.

Screw feeder

Simplest and most reliable system for dosing powders and pellets

Big-bags unloading group

Innovative solutions for easy and leakage-free Big-Bag emptying

Manual bag emptying stations

User friendly and ergonomic solutions for bags emptying 

Empty bag compactor

Simple and reliable machine designed to reduce environmental impact

Conveyor belt

Weighing and loading conveyors to serve mixer's loading door

Mixer unloading channels

Last but not least element for a correct and quick discharge into the mixer: imitated by many but still unmatched

Tanker automatic hooking unit

Simple and very ergonomic solution for suiting any need

Mixer Tanks

Tanks to mix and keep consistent the mix of liquid and powder components


Ideal solution for avoiding material sticking and allowing a complete discharge